National Fire Escape Academy

National Fire Escape Academy (NFEA)

Nationalizing the certification of fire escape engineers, architects, inspectors, load testers, repair mechanics, and painters.
NFEA certified graduates after completing the internship program have the knowledge and skills necessary to be highly required for employment in this emerging fire escape industry.
Develops the skills for a lifelong career the fire escape industry, and/or an independent contractor through licensing or franchising.

The NFEA is the leading provider of specialized educational information and training programs in the fire escape industry. Our proprietary internship and training programs equip individuals with unique craftsmanship, specialization, and expertise that are unparalleled in the industry. Our programs are designed to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of fire escape systems, including inspection, design, load testing, repair, fabrication, and installation services.

Our academy curriculum offers a range of classroom and field programs that are taught by highly trained instructors with years of experience in the industry. These instructors provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to certify, maintain, and improve fire escape systems. Our certification is a unique credential that demonstrates a commitment to safety and excellence and is highly valued by professionals in the industry.

The NFEA certification is an investment in career advancement that can lead to higher salaries and more job opportunities. It is also an investment in the skills needed for a lifelong career in the fire escape industry, or for independent contractors through licensing or franchising. Our education and certification programs are essential investments in the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the fire escape industry.

Overall, the NFEA provides individuals with the tools needed to become experts in the industry and to advance their careers. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of professionals at all levels, from beginners to seasoned experts. With the NFEA certification, professionals in the fire escape industry can demonstrate their commitment to safety and excellence while distinguishing themselves from others in the field.

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