National Fire Escape Association

The National Fire Escape Association (NFEA)

is the undisputed leader in the fire escape industry and has set the standard for promoting safety and maintenance of fire escapes nationwide. Our membership includes public safety and code officials and a diverse range of experts, such as engineers, architects, , fire protection professionals, management companies, property owners, fire escape repair mechanics, and painters.
Making fire escape safety for owners, tenants, employees, and firefighters the primary goal. ”Saving lives, one Fire Escape at a Time”.
The NFEA promotes the education of codes, standards, and proper maintenance and restoration of fire escapes across the nation.
Members of the NFEA include Fire/Bldg. Officials (AHJ), Design Professionals, and a diverse group from the fire escape industry.
Through our collaboration with state and local officials, the NFEA provides unparalleled service to our members and spearheads efforts to improve fire escape safety for firefighters, owners, tenants, and employees. The NFEA's five main goals are:
Developing a comprehensive national fire escape code for fire escape assemblies and structures.
Instrumental in creating the benchmark for standardizing the inspection record-keeping and documentation.
Nationalizing the certification of fire escape mechanics and inspectors.
Standardizing the certified restoration guidelines.
Standardizing the load test procedures and guidelines.
We continue to lead the way in educating the public and improving overall fire escape safety: “Saving lives, one fire escape at a time”.

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